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Marta Szmidt- SEO Consultant

Welcome to SEO by Marta. With a dedicated journey of over 8 years in Search Engine Optimisation, I've been the driving force behind a lot of brands, optimising their Online Search Presence. I am here to help your brand to own the SERP not only for your branded keywords, but also to get to the top positions for the most competitive queries.

SEO Services Overview

On-page SEO

Holistic Content & Structure: Comprehensive optimization of content, heading, and meta elements for maximum Search Engine visibility. This includes indication of relevant NLP keywords and improving the overall content authority.

Keyword Research

Delving into industry trends, competitor analysis, and user intent to identify potent keywords. Crafting a roadmap for content and SEO based on the researched keywords to drive organic traffic and conversions.

Content Strategy

Evaluating current content, audience needs, and market trends to identify gaps, opportunities and duplications. Designing a cohesive plan for content creation and distribution to engage audiences and boost SEO.

Technical SEO Expertise

Thoroughly inspecting website infrastructure, speed, mobile responsiveness, crawlability, and indexing issues to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Link Building Profile Analysis

Conducting a comprehensive assessment of Your existing link profile, followed by strategic recommendations for anchor text distribution, link quality and topicality.

SEO Project Management

Management of content creation and optimisation. Overseeing link-building processes. Continuous adjustments based on data, ensuring that SEO initiatives deliver optimal results.

All in one - Holistic SEO Audit of Your website

SEO Audit

I also offer SEO Audits that are a deep dive into all SEO facets – from on-page content technical aspects to backlink profiles, ensuring a 360° evaluation of Your website. Based on my holistic analysis, I provide actionable recommendations and strategies to elevate Your website’s performance and online presence.

The audit will identify any SEO issues preventing Your website from ranking higher in Search Results. These issues could include:

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